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Timo Kohlenberg · About me

When Timo Kohlenberg was born in 1985 he entered this world with the desire to travel, particularly to the U.S. and Canada. After graduating from high school in the Hannover Region he spent three years studying at Design Factory International in Hamburg before completing his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising at Bucks University in London. 

After spending some time in New York City, Timo moved back to his hometown Hannover. Together with his sister Julia Kurz he owns America Unlimited GmbH, one of the leading tour operators for North America and luxury tour operator Feinreisen GmbH. Together they employ approximately 25 people. He also founded the advertising agency Primamatter GmbH.

Timo is known as „business punk“ and „shooting star of travel“ in the advertising and tourism industry due to his bold marketing campaigns in a rather conservative industry. On an annual basis America Unlimited is awarded with the Chairman Circle Honor Awards of the U.S. Travel Association as one of the worlds leading tour operators. 

In 2020 Timo became politically active and fought relentlessly for the survival of the travel industry during the Corona pandemic. One of his big achievements is securing government funds for the entire industry. On top of his political involvement he started a podcast series that is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. 

In his free time, he enjoys his home near Hannover, likes to exercise and loves fast cars. Timo is known for his eccentric style and his trendy sneakers.


Timo Kohlenberg,
Travel Entrepreneur & Podcast Host


cell 0170 7739187


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